Module: WhoHas

The WhoHas module can be used to store ownership data for a domain name, email address or any asset represented by a domain name. It's focus is on the legal entity name, type and address.

It does not include any other contact information. Contact information should be provided in the contacts module.


An example record is shown below.

As stored in the DNS

This shows an example WhoHas record stored minified in the DNS:

_n=1;n=NUM Technology Ltd;t=2;i=10097965;a=39th Floor^One Canada Square^Canary Wharf^London;p=E14 5AB;c=GB
An example WhoHas record.

Unpacked and Developer Friendly

This shows an example WhoHas record after it's been unpacked using the record configuration file:

An unpacked WhoHas record.


This module has a simple specification, implementations should be built based on the examples above and the information below.


Name Explanation Required
name The name of the entity, e.g. "John Smith" or "NUM Example Ltd". Yes
identifier An identifier that is unique to the entity in their country of registration (e.g. company registration number). No
address The address, not including the postcode / zip or country. Addresses lines can be split using the caret (^) character. No
postcode_zip A postal code, the name varies by country but is often known as post code or zip code. No
country The country code in ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 Content on another site. format. For an individual this should be their country of residence, for companies it should be the country the company is registered in. Yes

Entity Types

This module does not set out to describe every possible entity type worldwide because this is a very complex area Content on another site.. The module simply specifies an organisation or individual.

Record Configuration File

All records for this module must adhere to the record configuration file shown below, this record configuration file is written in MODL Content on another site.:

The record configuration file can also be seen here Content on another site.