Module: Contacts

Contact information on the internet is unstructured and inconsistent. Finding contact information on an organisation's website consumes considerable amounts of time, data, and often requires significant user interaction. Contact information provided by search engines and social media platforms is neither open nor authoritative and is often incomplete and inaccurate.

The Contacts module can be used to store contact data for a person, group, organisation, department, employee, location or folder. Data can be stored hierarchically allowing organisations to store contact information for each of their locations, departments and employees.

Branch records can be used to navigate complex contact information, providing structured machine readable data to help navigate a call centre or support teams.


An example record is shown below.

As stored in the DNS

This shows an example Contacts record stored minified in the DNS:

@n=1;o=NUM Example Co:Example Strapline:[t=Call us:441270123456;fb=examplefacebook;tw=exampletwitter;in=exampleinstagram]
An example Contacts record.

Unpacked and Developer Friendly

This shows an example Contacts record after it's been unpacked using the record configuration file:

An unpacked Contacts record.


This module has a specification explaining in detail how it can be used. To view the specification click here Content elsewhere on this site..

Record Configuration File

All records for this module must adhere to the record configuration file shown below, this record configuration file is written in MODL Content on another site.:

The record configuration file can also be seen here Content on another site.